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Who we are

Björnberget Åre is a real estate developer in the Åre region. We are passionate about building sustainable and architecturally beautiful areas in harmony with nature and the Åre tradition. We want to create areas and accommodation where active people can enjoy the mountain life style today and in generations to come.

The vision of the perfect mountain accommodation

We want to be a community builder and create areas in a mountain environment that future generations and we can be proud of and enjoy. We develop long-term attractive areas where active people can live and enjoy the unique mountain nature. Our ambition is to create brand new areas from woodland to finished homes where people can enjoy and be part of the surrounding nature. Therefore, we also place great emphasis on creating areas and buildings with architectural harmony based on tradition, nature and quality.

OUR WORK IS based on four pillars:
  • Overall responsibility. In order to call ourselves community builders, we need to think broader and bigger. We not only look at the individual residence but try to look after the surroundings, infrastructure and how to create a cosy atmosphere, etc.

  • Long-term and quality. We search for the best locations, work with the most skilled contractors and use natural materials with modern construction technology for high quality. It takes a little longer, but the results last for generations.

  • Architectural harmony with tradition and nature. We believe that an attractive area is one that, fits into the surrounding nature, takes into account the architectural tradition of the region and emphasizes the creation of a uniform and beautiful aesthetic.

  • Comfortable and active lifestyle. We want to focus on what is important in life. That's why we strive to make mountain activities easily accessible all year-round. That way you can focus on experiencing fun and exciting adventures together with your loved ones.